Advanced Training

If you want to further improve your technique and the result or want to treat people with Alopecia or scars, you can opt for a follow-up to the basic training.
Before you start this training, you must have treated at least 25 clients with a simple form of baldness.

Advanced training content

The focus is on the finer points and generate more self-confidence if you are not yet sure of certain skills.
Both days we work directly on a model. These models can be men or women with a scar or a form of Alopecia.
They can also be models that you specifically want to learn to work with.
You have to arrange these models yourself. I will help you if this does not work.

After you have followed this 1-on-1 training, you can treat people with all types of hair problems or scars.

Follow-up Master Training

After you have followed this training you can always ask me for feedback and advice

Advanced Training 1


The prices mentioned include all materials you need to work with during the training in my practice, lunch, drinks and excluding the machine and the costs for accommodation and transport if the private training is on location (depending on the distance). During the training you can use my machine if you don’t already have it. You also get a syllabus that you can use as a reference work.


The invoice must be paid one week before the first day of training.