I’m happy with my baldness.

Aug 7, 2021

‘……… I’m happy with my baldness’ or ‘I don’t have a problem with it….’

I hear that comment sometimes….

That happens; that people have no problem with it or that they are even happy with it…

In my practice, however, I only see men and women every day who are not happy about that at all…… on the contrary…..it make them very sad. Sometimes even so sad that they wear a cap, hat or hoody all day long. That they feel limited in their actions.

There are men who have a problem with being ‘bald’ that the partner doesn’t even know he or she has a problem with.

So this problem goes very deep….and apparently is not yet easily discussed everywhere.

More than half of men and women in and outside the Netherlands are bald to a greater or lesser extent and a large part of them have a problem with this.

And that’s the beauty of my job. I can offer these people a solution through treatment with

Scalp Micropigmentation, abbreviated to SMP