Scalp Micropigmentation…… that the same as Permanent Makeup?

Aug 3, 2021

Scalp Micropigmentation or a Hair Tattoo is not comparable to Permanent Makeup PMU.

The techniques and most materials used to make Permanent Make-Up are completely different from those of Scalp Micropigmentation. For example, it is a different hand-machine movement and the consistency of the technique is even more important.

The materials used, such as pigment and sitting position, are also different with a Scalp Micropigmentation treatment.

I am regularly approached by Permanent Make-Up specialists who want to follow a training. They often assume that, because they already have experience in Permanent Make-Up, they have enough of 1 or 2 days of training. Scalp Micropigmentation SMP

is a very nice addition for Permanent Makeup specialists but a basic training of at least 4 days is important.

In addition to the difference in materials and technology, there is another important difference. The emotional impact that a treatment with Micro Hair Pigmentation has on a customer is many times greater than a treatment with Permanent Makeup.

Scalp that the same as Permanent Makeup?
Scalp that the same as Permanent Makeup? 2