New Contour helps men and women with different types of hair loss and scarring through a globally innovative treatment.

Albert Jelsma, specialist & founder New Contour

“At one point, my interest was aroused by the worldwide new specialization Micro Hair Pigmentation (MHP).

This is because this work offers me the opportunity to offer added value to people with different types of hair problems. This gives me energy and satisfaction. I can help people with my expertise.

I think that’s the most beautiful thing there is!

When I chose this specialization, I wanted to be one of the best. To achieve this, I wanted to be trained by some of the best specialists worldwide. I have done this and in combination with my experience and contacts with other specialists I am able to treat people in a professional way.

Micro Hair pigmentation is tailor-made and requires personal treatment. Every customer stands alone for us and gets the attention and service they need.

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