Scalp micropigmentation SMP Increasingly Popular

Jan 15, 2024

Nice to see that Scalp micropigmentation (SMP) is becoming more and more known.
This has advantages and disadvantages.

People with a hair problem are increasingly seeing that there is an additional solution available in addition to the already known solutions such as a hair transplant, hairpiece, hair fibers and other hair systems. That’s great!

The disadvantage is the increasing ‘proliferation’ of people who want to make a quick profit in this industry and are only focused on quantity and making money instead of quality. Who today call themselves ‘specialists’ or ‘masters’ in Scalp micropigmentation SMP while they obtained their first certificate yesterday.
From a marketing point of view, that sounds nice, but it is not fair to the customer and can lead to problems that other specialists have to solve, such as the laser specialists and Scalp micropigmentation SMP specialists who are responsible and professional. MHP specialists who don’t immediately call themselves ‘Masters’ but first build up a lot of experience after they have followed several training courses. Furthermore, we live in an ‘instant’ society where something has to be done quickly. Preferably yesterday. That is also the demanding consumer, but so are the people who follow a Scalp micropigmentation SMP training and soon after use the work and content of others and then communicate on their media that they are ‘Master’ specialist or ‘Master’ trainer.

It’s all possible. You can call yourself whatever you want since an SMP specialist is a ‘liberal’ profession. It just doesn’t get any easier for the person who is thinking about a treatment or training.

My advice to these people is the following if you have found an address:

* view the website
* read the Google reviews
* visit the Facebook page
* check out the Instagram page
* check out the LinkedIn page
* Make an appointment for a no-obligation consultation
* Check for certified specialists in your country
* Combine all of the above with your feelings

My curriculum vitae in SMP:

* track record since 2017

* Awarded Finalist Rising Star Award 2018 by ScalpGuru @meetingofminds

* Finalist Best SMP Artist Europe / UK 2023 by Team Micro @meetingofminds

* Speaker USHRS Ukrainian Society of Hair Restoration Surgery 2020/2021

* Jury member SMP contest Worldwide Eyebrow Festival / PMU Expo Rotterdam Sept. 2022