Scalp Micropigmentation is also known as Micro Hairpigmentation (MHP in Dutch) and originated in the UK around 2010. With a very thin (thinner than 1 mm) and fast up-and-down moving (non-hollow) needle, small “micro-dots” (less than 1 mm) are pigmented at the the bottom of the second skin layer (dermis). The result is a copy of a very short shaved hair (stubble). If you apply this pigmentation over the entire scalp (scalp), a “shaven look” is created.

This technique also makes it possible to camouflage scars and different forms of Alopecia. Open crowns and partitions can also be filled.

The density between the real, still present hair can also be reduced. For example, a consistent whole can be made over the entire head or beard area

Micro Hair Pigmentation can be an alternative for a hair transplant, wig, hair piece or other hair system. On the other hand, it can complement these solutions.

We determine the hairlines based on the face and wishes of the customer.

Simulating hair follicles. This creates the appearance of a shaved scalp.

Pigmenting the scalp.

Applying the pigment. We focus on the best result.

With very precise movements, pigment is applied to the skin via a very thin and fast-moving needle.

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