What solutions can Scalp Micropigmentation offer?

Jul 27, 2021

Scalp Micropigmentation or Scalp Micropigmentation can be a solution for various types of hair problems.

It can be a solution for bald patches on the head or in the beard area. Balding men are hotly accepted in society but can be a problem for whoever happens to it.

I also regularly receive customers who want more density in their stubble beard or want a stubble beard because they do not have a stubble beard of their own.

In addition to the treatment of general baldness, it is also possible to provide less hairy spots on the head with more density. As a result, the scalp also stands out less.

Another group that may have an interest in treatment are the people who have a scar left over from a hair transplant or an accident.

Many men have a scar on the back of their head in the past using an old FUT hair transplant technique. Treatment with Scalp Micropigmentation can camouflage these scars.