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Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) simulates shaved hair
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New Contour helps you to look good again!

  • He's done a golden job for me, after 10 years bald he changed my life, when you're bald, don't think twice, just do it.

  • Hij heeft gouden werk voor me gedaan, na 10 jaar kaal veranderde hij mijn leven, als je kaal bent, denk niet twee keer na, gewoon doen

    Haydakam 92

  • At First, i came for a solution for my baldness. The solution was to have a Scalp Micropigmentation (MHP) treatment.. From the beginning i had an honest and open conversation with Albert. In this conversation Albert made very clear to me what to expect, without any pressure and in his own "Unique and Gentle" way. I was very comfortable with this man..

    At that time i was working and travelling a lot,
    i did not have the time to start with the treatment directly.
    So it took me half a year to make my decision.
    During that time i had my doubts, Shall i go for implants or shall i go MHP? I have had hairimplantation before..

    Than BANG ... Corona came a disaster for everyone!!
    Honestly that was the case, HOWever it made me think about what to do with my life. What would make me HAPPY? My wife to told me, "you work too hard, you should invest some time in yourself"....

    I called Albert, and ask if he was available... He told that he would slowy start working again. So i made an appointment, we sat and started...

    The treatment...

    Well as mentioned earlier i have had a hairimplantation before..
    i remembered how inconvenient this treatment was..especially the recovery fase..

    With the MHP i did not have any pain or inconvenience. Sure, i could not wash my hair for 2 days.. .SO WHAT..

    The Results MEN O MEN...Has Natural written all over it.
    Got my groove back! WHAT a Relief!

    Listen, you will never be truly happy if you continuously hold onto the things that make you sad.. DO NOT WAIT ANY LONGER...ACT NOW.

    Call THIS SUPERSTAR ALBERT Wright Now..!
    He CAN make you HAPPY.. you might end up with a friend too..I did.

    Best of LUCK!

  • In eerste instantie kwam ik voor een oplossing voor mijn kaalheid. De oplossing was om een ​​Scalp Micropigmentation (MHP) behandeling te ondergaan. Vanaf het begin had ik een eerlijk en open gesprek met Albert. In dit gesprek maakte Albert mij heel duidelijk wat hij kon verwachten, zonder enige druk en op zijn eigen "unieke en zachte" manier. Ik voelde me erg op mijn gemak bij deze man ..

    In die tijd werkte en reisde ik veel,
    ik had geen tijd om direct met de behandeling te beginnen.
    Het kostte me dus een half jaar om mijn beslissing te nemen.
    Gedurende die tijd had ik mijn twijfels, zal ik implantaten gaan of zal ik MHP gaan? Ik heb eerder haarimplantatie gehad ..

    Dan BANG ... Corona kwam. een ramp voor iedereen !!
    Eerlijk gezegd was dat het geval, maar het zette me wel aan het denken over wat ik met mijn leven moest doen. Wat zou me GELUKKIG maken? Mijn vrouw vertelde me, "je werkt te hard, je moet wat tijd in jezelf investeren" ...

    Ik belde Albert en vroeg of hij beschikbaar was ... Hij vertelde dat hij langzaam weer zou gaan werken. Dus ik maakte een afspraak, we zaten en begonnen ...

    De behandeling...

    Zoals eerder vermeld heb ik eerder een haarimplantatie gehad ..
    ik herinnerde me hoe lastig deze behandeling was ... vooral de herstelfase ..

    Met de MHP had ik geen pijn of ongemak. Natuurlijk, ik kon mijn haar 2 dagen niet wassen ... DUS WAT ...

    De resultaten MEN O MEN ... Heeft Natural overal op geschreven. Blij als een BABY ..!
    Heb mijn groove terug! Wat een opluchting!

    Luister, je zult nooit echt gelukkig zijn als je voortdurend vasthoudt aan de dingen die je verdrietig maken .. WACHT NIET LANGER ... HANDEL NU.

    Bel nu DEZE SUPERSTAR ALBERT Wright ..!
    Hij KAN je GELUKKIG maken .. misschien krijg je ook wel een vriend .. Ik deed het.

    Veel succes!

    Ravi Sohansingh

  • ScalpContour has really made a difference regarding the density look on my head. Not only is Albert very professional but the way the micro hair pigmentation blends in with my real hair is absolutely stunning and very natural looking. After 3 hair transplants, this was the finishing touch I was looking for to complete my hair. Would definitely recommend ScalpContour to anyone looking for a professional and affordable MHP treatment!

  • ScalpContour heeft echt een verschil gemaakt wat betreft de dichtheid van mijn hoofd. Albert is niet alleen zeer professioneel, maar de manier waarop de micro-haarpigmentatie opgaat in mijn echte haar is absoluut verbluffend en ziet er heel natuurlijk uit. Na 3 haartransplantaties was dit de finishing touch die ik zocht om mijn haar te voltooien. Zou ScalpContour zeker aanraden aan iedereen die op zoek is naar een professionele en betaalbare MHP-behandeling!

    Mitchell Ondewater

  • I am very happy with the result, the expertise and treatment of Albert!
    I am very happy with the result, the expertise and treatment of Albert! The treatment was 100% better than expected and I should have done this much sooner!

    For anyone who still has doubts; Just go for it!

    You will feel so much better and so much nicer in your own skin after this treatment. I am so glad that I no longer have to put on or bring caps everywhere at all times because it now just looks like I have the same amount of hair everywhere.

    Thank you again very much Albert! Because of you and your treatment I have not only regained my "look" but also my self-confidence!

  • Ik ben erg blij met het resultaat, de expertise en behandeling van Albert!
    De behandeling was 100% beter dan verwacht en ik had dit veel eerder moeten doen!

    Voor iedereen die nog twijfelt; Ga er gewoon voor!

    Je voelt je na deze behandeling zoveel beter en zoveel fijner in je vel. Ik ben zo blij dat ik niet altijd overal petten hoef op te zetten of mee te nemen, want het ziet er nu naar uit dat ik overal evenveel haar heb.

    Nogmaals hartelijk dank Albert! Door jou en je behandeling heb ik niet alleen mijn "look" maar ook mijn zelfvertrouwen teruggekregen!

    Emiel van den Bos

  • Albert is a professional in his job!
    And a great mentor.

  • Albert is een professional in zijn werk!
    En een geweldige mentor.


Our mission & vision

“Our goal is to restore self-confidence and self-esteem in people damaged by excessive hair loss, baldness, various types of Alopecia and scars on the head and face.
We do this by offering a high-quality Micro Hair Pigmentation (MHP) treatment technique in which the end result is optically indistinguishable from a short shaved hair (stubble).
We also provide high-quality training worldwide with the aim of increasing the availability of qualified specialists for people with a hair problem”

Our Corona Policy

The government has indicated that – subject to the right conditions – it is safe and responsible to go to my salon again. I’d love to be there for you. The new 1.5 meter society is new to all of us. I imagine you want to know how that works. I work according to the RIVM guidelines and the ANBOS COVID-19 Hygiene Protocol for Beauticians. These guidelines are strictly followed within my salon and I would like to share the most important things with you in advance.


  • Do you suffer from one of these complaints: nose cold, runny nose, sneezing, sore throat, (slight) cough, shortness of breath, elevation or fever (from 38°), or does one of your housemates suffer from shortness of breath or fever (from 38°)? Contact me and stay home. We’ll make a new appointment. (this is of course free of charge)
  • Arrive exactly on time (not too early and not too late), so that you do not have to wait in the reception room, but there is also enough time between the appointment with the next customer.
  • When entering, use the hand sanitizer.
  • Due to hygiene, I do not shake hands upon receipt.
  • Wash your hands after treatment and use the hand sanitizer.
  • We ask you to pay contactless by pin or tap.
  • You can make an appointment by filling in the form.


Hair pigmentation originated in the UK in about 2010. With a very thin and fast up-and-down moving needle, micro points are pigmented at the bottom of the first layer of skin.



Our technique camouflages or fills bare and thinly hairy spots and scars. With our method, open crowns and partitions are also filled.



Hair pigmentation is a non-surgical procedure and can be a good alternative to hair transplantation, a wig, hairpiece or scar camouflage.


Results before and after


New Contour helps you

We get up every day with the ‘drive’ to help people with their insecurities in life. Hair loss is annoying and even life-limiting for some.

Our micro hair pigmentation technique is an innovative method that camouflages or fills bald or thinly haired spots, scars. It is a good and safe alternative (or supplement) for a wig, hairpiece, scar camouflage or a hair transplant.

Micro Hair Pigmentation is offered in the Netherlands and abroad by the experienced experts of New Contour.

Team Micro

New Contour is part of the global Team Micro group that consists of leading specialists in the field of Scalp Micropigmentation. In this group we share all knowledge and developments in our field.

To be and remain one of the best specialists in Micro Hair Pigmentation, we have been trained by a number of world-leading specialists in this industry.