Basic Training

A good start is half the job. If you want to start this global new specialization, make a good start right away and opt for this training that will give you a good foundation and confidence to treat people with simple forms of hair loss.

Basic training content

The first three days are mainly worked on the consistency in placing micro-dots. This concerns consistency in depth, distance, pace, structure and size.
This should ensure that a good basis is laid for your hand/machine automation.

If you master this automatism, you can use it in solving different types of simple types of baldness.
We also pay attention to Blending, 3D technology and the design of the hairline and side profiles.

Furthermore, attention is paid to your working attitude and all the tools you need in this work. I also give you all the tips & tricks and advice regarding Micro Hair Pigmentation, Social Media, photography and setting up your workplace.

The fourth day (and perhaps also the third day) we work on a real male model in which we will apply all the learned. You have to organize this model yourself and must be partially bald (Norwoodscale 4 or 5). If you can’t arrange a model, I can help you with that.

The fifth day or 8 hours are spent on handling the model so that you can follow the entire treatment process and as such experience the entire customer.. These extra hours are not given at many providers.

During the training you will also have the opportunity to work different handpieces so that you can choose a handpiece that works best for you and you make the right choice when you buy a machine.


Mentioned prices include all the materials you need to cooperate in my practice during training, lunch and drinks and exclude the machine and the costs for stay and transport if the private training is at your location (depending on the distance). During the training you can use one of my machines if you do not already have one. You also get a syllabus that you can use as a reference work.


If you choose four consecutive days of lessons in a private training, the invoice must be paid one week before the first training day. Payment can also be made in two parts if the first two training days and the last two training days are not consecutive. Again, the payment must be paid one week before the first day of class.


After 5 days of training, you need to build experience. The combination of training and experience ensures that you become good at your work. That is why I follow and assess your work remotely with photos and/or videos from before, after and during the treatment and you can ask me for advice if necessary.